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Financial Crisis

Managing Uncertainty

As mentioned in our previous blog “Changing from the Ordinary” COVID-19 has thought us that organizations need to up their survival game.
This is a crucial business and leadership skill where businesses enforce that they can navigate through uncertainty.

Payroll Management - Accounting

Payroll Management

When it comes to productivity in a company, payroll is very important. Ever thought about what if the salary was not paid out or calculated accurately, what would happen? It will affect the morale of the workers and eventually impact business production.

Business Networking

Business Networking

It is very essential to any business to get their presence out there whether in person or online. Joining business networking groups and being active on social media will help people find you, get to know you, and build a reliable relationship with you that can improve your company.

The Power of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

Advertisement has become more creative and cunning to entice customers. It is everywhere, from movies to the internet. A good advertisement tells us we need something even before we think we do. Advertising is often defined as a crafty marketing tool that influences the buying behavior of customers or clients with persuasive selling messages about products and services.

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