Metal equipment in the plant

Making sense of your Property Plant and Equipment

Many businesses especially SMEs are constantly faced with the dilemma of determining the real cost of an item of Property, Plant, or Equipment (PPE). Is it simply the price paid to acquire the particular item or is there more to it? Before we attempt to answer these questions, we must first appreciate what is PPEs.

Financial Crisis

Managing Uncertainty

As mentioned in our previous blog “Changing from the Ordinary” COVID-19 has thought us that organizations need to up their survival game.
This is a crucial business and leadership skill where businesses enforce that they can navigate through uncertainty.

Payroll Management - Accounting

Payroll Management

When it comes to productivity in a company, payroll is very important. Ever thought about what if the salary was not paid out or calculated accurately, what would happen? It will affect the morale of the workers and eventually impact business production.

Financial Forecasting

Financial Forecasting

Small businesses may think it is uncertain to predict where the business would be in the next year because it is unlikely to know what will happen next tomorrow. It is important to know that your business always needs directions. Not knowing where your business stand can have negative outcomes. This is why financial forecasting is critical to helping a business develop and create realistic budgets.

Outsourcing Accounting

Outsourcing Accounting

Being a small business owner for your company can sometimes mean you are the one keeping an eye on everything which can be tough at times. As mentioned in our previous blogs, for a company to flourish and continue to be successful, its finances must be in order. Keeping your company’s finances well-tracked and accurate is where an experienced accounting firm can assist you. Many companies now are using Outsourcing Accounting as a way of managing their accounting system efficiently and effectively.

Money Management

How well do you manage your finances? Managing money wisely is not entirely difficult, but it can be tedious because it requires effort. Look at it this way; if you are prolonging a healthy lifestyle, you can keep track of your finances. Because of the pandemic, it has become strenuous for some. We have provided some tips with regards to assist you in proper money management.

Accounting for Successful Business Management

A good complete accounting system will provide the information and data required to sufficiently measure and thereby analyze results against planned strategic and financial objectives. For example two of the key indicators to measure customer satisfaction of products and services would be sales returns and repeat customers.


Top 10 Requirements and Tips to attract Funding during Covid-19

We have been able over our years of experience in the accounting and finance environment assist many individuals and businesses secure millions of dollars for start-ups and existing businesses through debt and equity funding. The need for funding would be even more critical at this time for start-ups due to loss of jobs and businesses experiencing reduced income and therefore need remodelling.

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