The Power of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

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Advertisement has become more creative and cunning to entice customers. It is everywhere, from movies to the internet. A good advertisement tells us we need something even before we think we do.  Advertising is often defined as a crafty marketing tool that influences the buying behavior of customers or clients with persuasive selling messages about products and services.  

Successful advertising is knowing how much to allocate towards specific types of advertising.

For effective advertising, companies must proceed with the following:

  1. SWOT analysis of the company’s products or services
    • Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company, products or services to be advertised. (Refer to the chart from the previous article on this subject.)
  2. Find your main objectives 
    • Understand and evaluate your advertising campaign, objectives, and goals. Once completed, start your research.
  3. Research the market, competitors, and customers   
    • It is important to know the market and its behaviour. Know your position within the market, the competitors’ role and position. Find the loopholes!
  4. Identify your target audience  
    • Who is more likely to buy your products or services? This question is important in setting up your advertising campaign. Should you want to be successful at designing an attractive advertisement, you need to know your industry and niche with whom you are talking to.
  5. Select your channels
    • Based on your demographic research, however, you will be able to narrow your search to some specific channels of media distribution suitable for your campaign. For example, if you are targeting persons who are known to spend a lot of time on social media, you should project suitable ads for social media and of course, select the most appropriate channels of these sorts.   
  6. Find new ideas  
    • Gather all information from your research. Identify the delivery channels you prefer to use and based on your findings you can brainstorm for new ideas.
  7. The design process
    • This may be the tidiest part of the advertising process. You can take the top three or five concepts above and use them to create fresh advertisements.
  8. Deliver your advertisements  
    • Based on your delivery channel options you can start campaigning and define your budget. Each advertising platform (or social media platform that includes paid advertising) will let you select your parameters of delivery, based on demographics, age groups, types of websites, industries, countries, and regions, etc.
  9. Quantifying and analyzing the results
    • After you have launched your advertisement, you must now analyze the reactions of your audience to see if it was successful. Based on these results you can use it to improve for future advertisements.

Let’s talk about brand awareness. Consumers need to know about your brand you are advertising. For instance, people will call themselves “Apple people,” or  “Nike people.”  This is what brand awareness does.  It links actions and products with specific brands, subconsciously inspiring us to swap common words with branded terms. We live in a world where customers rely on general research and others’ opinions before making a purchase, brand trust is everything. Once consumers bond to your brand, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought which then channels the gap between trust and loyalty. Brand awareness efforts give your brand a personality and outlet to be sincere, receive feedback, and tell a story.  

Advertisement is impacting society in many ways. The world is now moving fast, and humanity does not have the time to think on their own, and that is where these advertisements are more strongly playing its role in bringing the materialism to society.

What advertising strategy has worked for you?

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