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When it comes to productivity in a company, payroll is very important. Ever thought about what if the salary was not paid out or calculated accurately, what would happen? It will affect the morale of the workers and eventually impact business production.

Payroll is also crucial for the various laws and regulations such as statutory bodies and labor laws which can attract serious legal and financial consequences. Therefore, you must have a complete understanding of what payroll is, how to effectively manage and execute it.  

Payroll management is the process of administration and management of a company’s employee’s financial reports such as wages, salaries, bonuses, deductions, and other relevant financial records.

Employers must do a continuous review and update the payroll database to ensure that it captures the remuneration of staff. The payroll management process is a repetitive procedure, which can result in errors. With the use of computer software applications, it can minimize these mistakes.

There are three Payroll Management Methods  

Excel – This is more convenient and affordable for small businesses. One must have a payroll template that includes calculations and the use of formulas on Excel spreadsheets. However, this method can be tedious to manage and inclined to errors.
Outsource- This is when a business contacts a payroll management service provider for every cycle of payment. This service is confidential and not prone to any mistakes because of professional expertise. It provides lower overall payroll cost, accurate and timely service.
Payroll Software- Software applications provide a template for the input of the employee details and relevant input factors a more simplified option for companies. However, some may be expensive to attain or require a fee for monthly use.

There are several options that a business owner or payroll manager can use. If you are bothered with the management of payroll for your employees and you decide to take full advantage of the benefits available to you, then WJ Accounting is the best decision. We will take care of all your obligations while you focus on other aspects of your business. 

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